Call for Ethno-Based Mathematics Instruction: Godfrey Okoye University Professor Advocates for Cultural Framework

Call for Ethno-Based Mathematics Instruction: Godfrey Okoye University Professor Advocates for Cultural Framework

In a groundbreaking proposition, Professor Ndidiamaka Ozofor, a distinguished professor of mathematics education at Godfrey Okoye University Enugu, has advocated for the incorporation of cultural frameworks and ethno-based instructional materials in the teaching of mathematics. This call was made during the delivery of the 12th inaugural lecture of the university, titled “ETHMOMATHEMATICS AND CONCEPT OF ZERO IN IGBO TRADITIONAL NUMERACY,” as reported by correspondent Godwin Umeh.

Professor Ozofor highlighted the cultural diversity in approaches to the concept of zero, noting that while cultures like Arabic, Babylonian, Roman, Salvic, and English integrate zero into their numerical systems, the Igbo culture perceives zero as a valueless number. The inaugural lecture delved into various aspects, including mathematical analysis for modern society, Z and W plasty revisions, mathematical and solar systems, the limits of counting, development of number concepts, and the significance of zero in Igbo traditional numeracy.

During the lecture, Professor Ozofor emphasized the impact of individual beliefs, stating, “whatever a person conceives and believes, the person achieves.” He underscored the cultural importance of mathematics, asserting that it provides a means for individuals to comprehend and evaluate elements within their immediate and distant environments.

Professor Ozofor also reminded Nigerians of the pivotal role mathematics plays in scientific investigations, asserting that it serves as the universal language of culture in all studies related to human development.

In response to the professor’s call, Reverend Father Professor Christian Anieke, the Vice-Chancellor of Godfrey Okoye University Enugu, affirmed the central role of research in university objectives. He stressed the facilitative role of mathematics in research and defined a good scholar as one capable of teaching their course across all levels of education.

The report concludes by announcing the upcoming Convocation lecture, set to be delivered by health professional Professor Nandu Goswina on November 17, 2023, at the Peter Mbah auditorium, Thinkers Corner campus of Godfrey Okoye University.

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