Force Intelligence Bureau gets an upgrade

Force Intelligence Bureau gets an upgrade

The acting Inspector-General of Police, Olukayode Egbetokun, yesterday approved the upscaling of the Force Intelligence Bureau, which has now become the Force Intelligence Department, within the Nigeria Police Force.

The police high command announced that this development would solidify ongoing efforts to bolster and upgrade the intelligence capabilities of the NPF, aiming to enhance internal security measures to better address contemporary challenges.

The IG also approved the appointment of Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Habu Sani, as the new Head of the Force Intelligence Department.

The IG also approved the appointment of Assistant Commissioners of Police to head Zonal Intelligence Departments, and State Intelligence Departments, nationwide

He noted that by entrusting ACPs with the responsibility of heading SIDs, his administration aims to infuse the units with leadership that possesses a blend of operational experience, strategic thinking, and a deep commitment to maintaining law and order

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