Reverend Father Professor Anieke Emphasizes Virtues of Motherhood in Homily

Reverend Father Professor Anieke Emphasizes Virtues of Motherhood in Homily

In a Homily delivered during a Holy Mass commemorating Mother’s Sunday at the Omnium Sanctorum Chaplaincy in Thinkers Corner, Enugu, the Vice-Chancellor of Godfrey Okoye University, Reverend Father Professor Christian Anieke, underscored the significance of mothers in nurturing children and fostering spiritual growth.

Reverend Father Professor Anieke’s message resonated with the congregation as he urged Christians to eschew judgment and embrace prayer, love, and benevolent deeds. He emphasized the pivotal role mothers play in instilling the fear of God in their children, emphasizing the importance of raising them with moral integrity.

The Reverend Father Professor’s words came as part of a larger celebration, wherein 32 members of the Omnium Sanctorum Chaplaincy were honored for their unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel and advancing the chaplaincy’s mission. Among the distinguished recipients were Reverend Father Professor Anieke himself, along with Sir Peter Okeh, the Chief of Staff to the Vice-Chancellor, executives of the Catholic Men and Organizations, and cherished friends of the chaplaincy.

Male awardees were lauded as Pillars of the chaplaincy, while their female counterparts were recognized as patronesses. Additionally, the priests received expressions of gratitude from the Catholic Women Organization of the chaplaincy.

Mrs. Theresa Obiageli Ukonta, President of the organization, elucidated that the awards served as tokens of appreciation for the recipients’ steadfast support of the church’s endeavors.

In his response on behalf of the honorees, Reverend Father Professor Anieke expressed gratitude for the recognition, affirming that it would inspire them to continue their selfless service to the church and the community at large.

The event not only honored exemplary individuals but also served as a platform for spiritual reflection and communal appreciation, echoing the timeless values of faith, love, and service.


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